24/7 Customer Service:

ADS Smart Security: Pledge

We pledge to SAVE YOU TIME:

We pledge to SAVE YOU TIME

Our goal is to provide the best in customer service, solving your issues the very same day. Troubleshooting alarm incidents, or having a question for customer service shouldn’t take all day. We are listening; what ever the issue, we will fix it and fast

We pledge to be local, and AMERICAN:

ADS is veteran owned and operated. Our customer service agents are all located in the US. With representation in 30 states, we are always local.

We pledge to be FAIR:

While we love having you as our customer, we understand needs can change. If you ever want to stop service for any reason, contact our customer service for a simple 30 day cancellation process. (Termination fees may apply)

We pledge to be MOBILE:

Move anywhere, nationwide and take your home security system with you. No interruption of service, your move kit will arrive at your new place and our customer service agents are here to walk you through setup

Moving because you’re in the Military? Be sure to tell your customer service representative; additional discounts may apply.

We pledge to be URGENT:

Your issues are our issues. We take any billing or equipment related issue seriously. We work to solve your issues on the first call, every time.

We pledge to LISTEN:

Your opinion matters, and is what drives us to get better and continue to grow. Your suggestions are always welcome, we appreciate your incite into how we can make our process better. Your feedback is welcome, and heard.

We pledge to be TRANSPARENT:

Contracts and service agreements can be convoluted and confusing. ADS is here to explain every line item, piece of equipment and how it all works. You may have questions, and we will always be here to assist.

Thank You for Choosing ADS:

There are many security, and home automation services on the market. We are happy you chose to protect your home and family with ADS Smart Security.