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Access Control

Trust is a powerful and honorable word, and must be used with caution when given to a person. Sadly, there are still a lot of people who misuse and abuse this, and think that they can do whatever they please. In commercial and institutional establishments, thousands of individuals come and go, and a handful of these people are allowed to access a few documents from the computers or physical acquirement. Though this is a common practice in a lot of commercial settings, there have been many cases of stolen possessions (be it palpable or digital objects) and the most eligible suspects are the ones that are often seen in the building.

Of course, to lessen the occurrence of this incident, you need to monitor all activities ‘round the clock. However, relying on human capabilities alone will not be enough to secure your properties. What you need is an automated system that can not only weed out unauthorized individuals from entering or accessing a certain area, but immediately alert you as well. That is why we, at ADS Smart Security, are ready to outfit your properties with the proper access control systems, to help make your lives easier.

An access control system is operated by passwords, login credentials, swipe card, or biometric data. It is designed to give a few people the privilege from entering, and keeping the rest of society out. We can help you set it up so that you, and a few others, can access rooms and other important files; while the others (e.g. students, employees, and the general public) are disabled from even using the said system.

Two Types of Access Controls

Depending on what you want to protect, we, at ADS Smart Security, will outfit your needs with the proper access control system. You have two types to choose from: physical or logical.

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