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Access Panels for Commercial Use

Commercial Access Panels by American Defense Systems

A clean look and strategic organization is a key component when improving the efficiency of your store. Customers have an easier time shopping when your products are displayed nicely on shelves and if there are signs that indicate the content of each aisle. When your establishment is in harmony, your customers will be, too. But did you know that there is one installment that will make your walls look cleaner and keep curious hands away from your utilities?

The Advantage of Access Panels

Access panels provide you the ability to easily access your utilities without having to see the cluttered wiring and unattractive utilities you use. Not only does this prevent your utilities from being exposed, it also allows you exclusive access to your system’s controls. In addition to functionality, an access panel also adds to the look of your store by keeping your walls looking neat and clean.

Access panels allow you to hide the unappealing locations of the following systems and more:

  • Plumbing systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Security systems
  • Telephone wires
  • Computer cables
  • Sprinkler systems

Because access panels are designed to look like your walls, they can easily blend with the interior design of any room. With access panels added to your store’s security system, your customers will have an easier time navigating through your store without being distracted by your exposed utility and security systems.

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ADS Smart Security is a veteran-owned security company. For many years, we have helped numerous residential and commercial properties keep their properties safe. Our job is to improve your commercial property’s security by providing you with the essential commercial security systems. The access panel is just one type of product you can choose from our store. We assure you that our access panels are durable and made to keep your utilities safe. If you are interested in purchasing our products, contact ADS Smart Security at 469-240-2029. You will also receive a FREE estimate.