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Door Contacts for Commercial Properties

Door Contacts for Commercial Properties

The most weak and unprotected areas in your facility are the entrance and the exit spots. For any intruder, it’s terribly tempting to try and break into any enclosed space through these entryways. To combat this, door sensors (also called contact sensors or entry sensors) are popular security devices. They work well for both homes and businesses.

Door contacts alert you immediately when someone attempts to open your door. The current technology also offers home and business owners alike a wide choice of door contact types that will make their facility as safe as possible.

How Does It Work?

Door and window sensors both use a “reed switch” that helps them determine when an intruder tries to enter a protected area. A reed switch is a set of slightly paced electrical connectors. A magnetic field is placed parallel to the electrical connectors to allow them to be pulled together, closing the reed switch.

The door sensors have one magnet and one reed switch, and this is what makes a closed circuit. If an intruder opens an armed door, the magnet is yanked away from the switch. This is what breaks the circuit and triggers one of three possible events:

  • You are alerted through text of an intruder
  • A bell or chime alert rings
  • A full-blown alarm is activated

Creative Uses for Door Contacts

Entry sensor technology isn’t only for protecting your front and back doors. It can also be used in creative ways, especially if you can program a lot of different responses that can trigger an alarm. You can choose to have a loud, full-blown alarm, an alarm with a detailed report of what happened sent to your phone or email, or a notification sans the alarm. You have full control of how you want your door contacts to let you know how things are at home or in the office.

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  1. Set your door sensor to chime if somebody tries to open it. This way, you are not caught unaware by any guest or co-worker.
  2. Spy on supplies. If your office supplies have been dwindling, or if one of your employees complains that coffee packets keep disappearing from the pantry, stick an entry sensor in the pantry or behind a box of office supplies. If anyone touches it, you’ll be alerted right away.
  3. Unbridled curiosity. Have you always wondered if your personal assistant sits on your chair each time you’re away on business meetings? Are you ever concerned about nosy employees or anyone moving your stuff? Then put a door contact underneath your table or behind your laptop so you’ll know if it’s been disturbed.

Keep your facility and belongings safe with these door contacts and entry sensors. To get more accessories and options for your commercial security systems and more, you can contact ADS Smart Security at 469-240-2029.