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Motion Sensors for Commercial Properties

Motion Sensors for Commercial Properties

Motion sensors can be considered the most important part of your security system. It’s the main device that senses if there’s an intruder walking about in your facility after hours. Motion sensors use a number of technologies to detect movement in one or more areas. When a sensor is tripped, your security system’s control panel is going to get a signal. This signal connects to the monitoring center and alerts you and the center that someone is trying to get into your facility.

Motion Sensors and Your Business

The sensors work when you leave the office for the day. There are security systems that can be programmed to record events using a security camera when the motion sensors are tripped. If there’s any movement in your office building, or there are any doors and windows being forced open or closed, the motion detectors will be there to react to it.

Motion sensors are now easier to set up. You don’t need to drill through any walls to install them, and they can communicate with the other parts of your security system (such as door contacts, if you have them installed) wirelessly.

If your business deals with pets or animals and you’re concerned about false alarms, you can set up your motion sensors to ignore animals. So in the case that one of the animals in a pet clinic escapes, for instance, as long as the animal is beneath a certain weight limit, no alarms will ring.

Video Motion Sensors

There are motion sensors that can be combined with video cameras. These recordable motion sensors can begin footage when they detect someone (or something) moving through the building. If the cameras are controlled by the motion sensors, these can save you a lot of precious storage space by recording only the important things. It also saves you from sitting through hours of reviewing videos.

Creative Uses for Motion Sensors

Motion sensors can be utilized to do more than just keep watch for intruders.

  • Save money by having the motion sensors turn the lights on and off. This way, the lights will turn on when people come in, and shut off when they go out.
  • Turn automatic toilets and water faucets on and off
  • Opening and closing automatic doors

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Motion sensors are known as the center of a good security system. These, alongside other accessories such as automated door locks and door contacts, will make it very difficult for thieves to break into your facility. If you would like more options for your commercial security systems, you can contact ADS Smart Security at 469-240-2029.