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Security Cameras for Commercial Properties

Security Cameras for Commercial Properties

It is difficult to keep an eye on your store or business without extra help. That is why you employ people to look after your establishment at night. Hiring an extra set of eyes does make your store feel more secure, but there are scenarios wherein human ability is not enough to keep your establishment 100% safe.

Sometimes, theft, vandalism, and accidents can take place on your property without being seen. During the evening, the amount of crime increases because it is more difficult to see and notice suspicious activity in the dark. If your establishment does not have the right security equipment, your store could be vulnerable to intrusion. The best way to protect your store and improve security is to have security cameras installed at the surrounding blind spots.

Security Cameras by ADS Smart Security

Security cameras capture and record scenes even when you are not around the store. It is your window to your establishment and it keeps a stern eye on your customers, employees, and inventory. If someone tries to do something funny or drastic, you will have proof that the person has violated the law. And when you show the clip to the proper authorities, they will have enough evidence to identify the perp.

There are many different kinds of security cameras. Whatever kind you need, know that ADS Smart Security has it right on hand. We have cameras that rotate for outdoor and indoor use, and those that project a subtle presence. No matter what you're looking for, we can help.

Exterior IR Camera

  • Designed to specifically work with the video service hosted by Alarm.com
  • Provides professional surveillance solution in HD 720P live and recorded video
  • Serves as Alarm.com’s wireless outdoor IP night vision camera

2GIG HD100 Security Camera

  • Requires Wi-Fi for use
  • Best used indoors
  • Requires a power supply
  • Only looks at one direction when mounted
  • Equipped with IR (infrared) for nighttime capture
  • Mount is adjustable

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Alarm.com Still Camera

  • Mountable on walls
  • Indoor use only
  • Needs Wi-Fi in order to be used
  • Requires power supply
  • IR (infrared) ready for night use

Pan-Tilt Camera

  • Pans and tilts 360 degrees
  • For indoor use only
  • Has IR (infrared) for evening capture
  • Wi-Fi required for use

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