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Smoke and Fire Alarms for Commercial Properties

Smoke and Fire Alarms for Commercial Properties

Dealing with fires in a commercial establishment is quite tricky. Relative to residential spaces, commercial properties occupy more space and store more flammable items. A small spark can compromise the safety of your customers, employees, as well as your inventory. Of course, you do your part to reinforce your store’s fire prevention capabilities, but there are times when fire extinguishers and sprinklers are not enough. Give yourself the upper hand by preparing your store for fire-related scenarios. A great first step is installing smoke and fire alarms.

The Benefits of Smoke and Fire Alarms

It is best to equip these two systems at once to ensure your establishment’s safety. Fire alarms, of course, detect the presence of fire, while smoke alarms identify areas that have been engulfed by smoke. When combined, smoke and fire alarms make an effective team that can detect the presence of flames and the paths that have been rendered unsafe by the presence of smoke. Prompt alerts from these systems will give you enough time to either put out the flames or bring everyone to safety. Remember, if the fire is manageable, by all means, handle it with caution. But if the flames become out of control, it is best that you let the professionals deal with the situation.

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ADS Smart Security is a veteran-owned company and an industry leader in security systems. All of our products are guaranteed to alert you when there is trouble nearby, whether it is a fire or a thief trying to break into your property. Our commercial security systems are top-of-the-line, which assures you that your establishment will always be in safe hands. If you are interested in purchasing our smoke and fire alarm systems for your store, do not hesitate to contact ADS Smart Security at 469-240-2029.

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