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Home Automation

When it comes to beefing up security at home, efficiency is what separates a good security system from a bad one. This is why most modern home security features a degree of automation, which allows homeowners to customize and adapt their security to fit their specific needs. Such a system allows for complete control and gives you easy access to the various options and settings that can provide exactly what you are looking for in a security system.

ADS Smart Security prides itself in being able to deliver on this exact specification to its clients. We have been providing the most complete home security solution to homeowners for many years now, proving our worth in the industry as one of its most recognized brands.

Our home automation systems has a very user friendly interface that is very easy to learn, yet still flexible enough to customize to your specific security needs. Its flexibility even extends to other devices inside your home, like your air conditioner, light, locks, thermostat, garage door – control your home using a single platform. You can get real time updates about the status of your home through various media like email, text or phone call. Even through unexpected situations like power outages and severe weather alerts, you can assured you’re your home security system will still be up and running thanks to its reliable backup battery power. Managing your home has never been simpler using our home automation system.

Reliable Home Security System with ADS Smart Security

We understand that you aren’t able to keep an eye on everything for the entire day. This is why ADS Smart Security aims to provide you with an efficient solution to take care of your home security needs. To find out more about our home automation security systems, call us at our number: 469-240-2029. You can also get in touch with us by leaving an inquiry on our Contact Us page.

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