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Automatic Door Locks

Before, having electronic door locks was only available to hotels or the extremely wealthy. Now they’re ready to be installed in your home for wallet-friendly prices, and once you do get them, you can say goodbye to days of forgetting your keys or rushing back home in a panic to check if you’ve locked the door. 

Different Types of Door Locks

Electronic door locks have other kinds of keys available to them. There are radio frequency identification (RFID) locks, keypads, biometric door locks, or Bluetooth door locks.

  • The earliest type of electronic lock is the keypad, where the owner would input a pin number for entry. Today keypad electronic locks remain popular and come equipped with touchscreen panels instead of steel buttons. These also have different security features to stop burglars from cracking the code.
  • RFID locks using a card, or a key fob. This type of lock is commonly found in hotels. With the advancement of RFID technology, you no longer have to remove the card from your purse or pocket. This cuts the time spent looking for your key, especially when your hands are full.
  • Bluetooth-enabled locks can detect your smartphone’s Bluetooth ID and open the door when you come close enough. In case your phone dies or you lose your card key, most RFID and Bluetooth locks come with a second option for electronic entry.
  • Biometric entry makes use of your fingerprint to open the lock. This feature can also be found on some smartphones or laptops. You can program your own fingerprints or the fingerprints of people whom you want to access your home. The system will then open the door for these recognized guests.

Smarter Electronic Locks

There are locks that can be opened using an app that has been integrated into your home security system. For instance, if you’re not at home and your home alerts you of a flood in your basement, you can alert your neighbor or another family member and unlock the door for them. After they finish, you can lock the door again.

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At ADS Smart Security, we have Yale Automated Door Locks that come with the following features:

  • Color Touchscreen for manual operation
  • Can program multiple user codes
  • Z-Wave Interactive (Compatible for remote control from your smartphone)
  • Comes in 3 attractive colors (Brass, satin nickel, and venetian bronze)
  • Comes with a locking handle for extra security

Getting automated door locks is the first step to getting a smarter, safer home. If you would like an automated door lock installed in your home, don't hesitate to contact ADS Smart Security today at 469-240-2029.