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Stop Garage Door Break-ins

You can have a fully reinforced home and still experience a break-in. A determined thief is going to use everything available to him, and if he notices your garage doors don’t look well-protected, he's going to use that to get in.

When securing your home, reinforcing the garage door may be low on the priority list. For many people, there’s nothing wrong with having an open garage with a truck outside. It hardly screams “break-in.” This false sense of security can prove to be dangerous.

Making sure that your garage is safe isn’t limited to securing your garage door. Treat every access point available as a weak point and reinforce it.

The Automatic Garage Door Opener

When automatic openers were first invented, they all had the same code. This became a serious security risk. Thieves could literally pick any home, push the button of their own purchased transmitter, and get inside.

The second generation of openers was improved by using dip switches. You could set your own unique combination for these switches, deterring entry. While it did help, most people would leave their dip switches on the default setting - something that thieves took advantage of.

There was also a time when thieves turned to using code grabbing devices. These worked by honing into your signal and memorizing it. The only thing the thief has to do is to re-transmit the code to get inside.

Significant improvements were made with modern automatic garage door openers. Now, they have rolling-code technology, where the remote will give the garage door a brand-new code each time the remote is pressed.

With 100 billion possibilities, there’s a very low chance that a code grabber will get in. This is the best type of automatic garage door you can get, so if you can, upgrade or get this immediately.

Simple Tips for Maximum Security

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  1. Keep your garage door remote. If a thief breaks into your car and finds the remote there, that’s easy access into your home.
  2. Get a keychain remote opener. Don’t attach your remote to your visor. Get a remote opener that you can attach onto your keys.
  3. Lock up tight. Install a deadbolt on the door between your home and garage. Keeping yourself and your valuables safe is worth that extra key.
  4. Get a strong door. Solid core wood is good, or get reinforced steel. Get an anti-kick device, too.
  5. Close it up. Don’t leave your garage door open. It tempts too many people to just go inside and grab something. Not to mention, those with open doors are the first homes that thieves tend to scout out.
  6. No garage door windows. Don’t let thieves see when your vehicle isn’t there. Frost or cover up your garage windows.
  7. Maintain mechanical parts. Make sure that the parts of your roll-up garage door is always in good condition, and watch out for corrosion.
  8. Between you and the door. Don’t forget about the door from the garage to your home. Check the locks, hinges, and frame and get parts fixed or replaced immediately.

The key to a safe home is to make sure that it’s too much work for thieves to get inside. Contact ADS Smart Security now at 469-240-2029 and we’ll take care of the rest.