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Smart Lighting

Lighting is an important factor in keeping your indoors safe and functional, especially during the evening when natural light is scarce. However, a lot of homes are still having trouble saving energy, and even though there are eco-friendly lights available, there are not enough to keep the rising electricity bill at bay. Thankfully, ADS Smart Security has the solution to this dilemma, and it is with smart lighting.

Keep Your Lights Smart

Smart lighting is a home automation system that allows you to control your lights from anywhere, anytime. Its purpose is to not only provide you with an easier way to control your lights, but also to help lower your energy consumption. It is designed to be compatible with your handheld devices, giving you the following advantages:

Keep the switch away from the kids

When children play with the light switch, it is a headache to keep switching it back off. Smart lighting enables you to keep an eye on your lights and keep the smaller members of your family away from the controls.

Everything is scheduled

With a simple tap of the button, smart lighting schedules your lights to switch back on or off when you need them to.

Enables you to light any room

Smart lighting lets you turn on your lights from afar. You are in control of which rooms have lights, and the brightness setting. This is very useful when you are off on a vacation but you still want to make it look like your house is occupied.

Easy to understand and control

Smart automation systems are created to be simple and convenient. With modern features and design in the palm of your hands, your smart lighting system can make turning your lights on and off as quick and easy as the traditional way.

If you are interested in upgrading your light controls, contact ADS Smart Securityand we will be more than happy to make that upgrade come true.

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