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Smart Thermostat

The purpose of a thermostat is to give you the indoor temperature that you want. While having a thermostat is extremely convenient, there are times when the appliance fails to adjust the room temperature to your exact liking. It can get either too cold or too hot, and if thermostat is faulty, you may be wasting too much energy. To free yourself from these problems, it is best to upgrade your old thermostat to a smart one.

The Smart Thermostat Advantage

The smart thermostat performs just like any other thermostat, except it's fully automated. By connecting to the internet, you can heat and cool your home from anywhere, and even schedule temperature levels throughout the day. A smart thermostat is also capable of doing the following:

Give precise readings

Without human error, every temperature change becomes accurate. A smart thermostat also analyzes your energy consumption monthly, so it can give you the opportunity to save electricity in the future.

Lower energy consumption

One of the great things about a smart thermostat is that it automatically manages your home’s climate. You can turn on the energy-saving setting and lower your energy consumption.  

Notifies you via email

When a smart thermostat encounters a problem due to power outages and the like, it alerts you by sending a notification to your email.

Simple to use

A smart thermostat is easy to understand and use. With its modern design and features, anyone can use it with ease.

ADS Smart Security is ready to make your home a smart home. If you are interested in having a smart thermostat installed or any other home automation system today, be sure to contact ADS Smart Security at 469-240-2029.

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