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Wireless Doorbells

After the metallic door knocker, the wire doorbell was invented. This eliminated the need for knocking altogether. Visitors just had to press a button and the entire household will know that someone is waiting outside.

The most recent innovation has been wireless doorbells. Having a wireless doorbell means that there's no need to drill a hole through the wall or rearrange the wiring to alert you of incoming visitors. Instead, the device uses radio waves to send signals from the transmitter (the outdoor button) to the receiver (the bell inside the house.) It no longer requires wiring, and installation is quick and easy. The transmitter can be attached to the wall with some adhesive, and the indoor receiver can be plugged into the wall or run on batteries.

The good thing about wireless doorbells is that when you purchase one, there’s no need to blame anyone if they claim they 'haven’t heard the doorbell ringing.’ Now, a wireless doorbell’s range is so wide that it can be heard throughout your home. The signal ranges can be anywhere from 150 feet to 1000 feet. 

If your home is expansive, you can buy extenders to relay the doorbell signal so it can be heard anywhere. You can also purchase portable receivers, which can be quite useful if you’re in the garage or the backyard.

Have you experienced a moment when your doorbell was ringing, only to find out that it’s your neighbors who have company over? If you have, it’s time to make use of multiple channel operation, a feature available to your wireless doorbell. Switch the frequency of your doorbell to another channel and you’ll avoid interference from the neighbor’s doorbell.

Different Tones for Different Doors

If you’ve grown tired of your doorbell’s melody, or if you want to distinguish where your visitor is coming from, you can easily change it. There are wireless doorbells that have more than fifty options for melodies. You can create a unique tone for each front door, back door, and side door.

There are some brands of wireless doorbells that offer security through the use of intercoms, motion detectors, and window sensors.

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If you live with people who are hearing-impaired, you can use flashing light doorbells. Instead of a sound, if there’s anyone at the door, a flashing light will be transmitted. The visual signal can be useful for businesses or homes that are surrounded by or make a lot of noise that can prevent you from hearing the doorbell.

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