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Door Contacts

Door Contacts

In your home, the entrance and exits are actually the biggest weak points. To a thief, a door or window that’s not secure is an invitation to come inside. To avoid this, door contacts — also known as entry sensors, contact sensors, or window sensors — are still a popular home security device.

What Are Door Contacts?

A door contact is a common part of a home security system. It can trigger an alarm when doors, gates, windows, cabinets or other entrances have been opened or closed.

Early electronic security systems relied on door contacts. When somebody opened a window or a door, a large vibrating bell would ring in the middle of the person’s home. Modern door contacts are made up of a box that has one part attached to the door while another part is attached to the door frame. If the door is an overhead door, then the door contacts can be found on the floor.

When the door contact is separated, it can trigger an alarm system. But what if the homeowner is the one opening the door? Armed alarms feature a slight delay before the alarm is activated. This way, the homeowners have time to run to their keypad to disarm the entire system.

Additionally, there are types of door contacts that can be installed inside of the door to avoid tampering. There are two types of door contacts:

  • Wired – traditional type, used in newly-built homes that have open walls. 
  • Wireless – can be installed with little to no disturbance and are used when the wire is running through an attic, or if installing wired door contacts will damage decorative molding.

Other Uses for Door Contacts

You can also use door contacts in a variety of interesting ways. Here are some suggestions to get the most out of your door contacts.

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  • Door contacts don’t just keep people out of your home, they can be used to keep people out of rooms, too. You can stick one onto the liquor cabinet or onto the door of a game room.
  • If you worry about your children accidentally falling into the pool, set one up onto your pool gate.
  • Concerned about someone snooping through your things? If someone uses your electronic gadgets or if pills in your medicine cabinet have gone missing, place a door contact and set up a secret alert.

Keep people out of your home (or away from sensitive rooms or items) and get extra security by installing door contacts today. If you're interested, please contact ADS Smart Security today at 469-240-2029.