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Glass Break Detectors

Glass Break Detectors

Sometimes, the most simple things can become the source of a major downfall. You may have purchased a high-tech security system, but you could have overlooked your windows. Your windows and doors are likely targets for any thief. It is only right to give them the same care that you would invest in your locks.

But, when it comes to your home and family’s safety, installing door and window sensors just isn’t good enough. You also have to install glass break detectors to ensure that intruders will get caught by your security system.

The problem with window and door sensors is that they only work when the door or window is opened. Once a criminal shatters the door or window and climbs inside, they could disappear with all of your valuables.

The roof is also one weak area that they can take advantage of. Thieves can cut a hole and enter through the roof without alarming your window and door sensors.

How It Works

Similar to window and door sensors, a glass break detector activates if a pane of glass is shattered. It detects shattered glass from a microphone. When a certain vibration frequency is reached, noise is analyzed by the detector.

Simple detectors have narrowband microphones that are set to the frequencies of glass shattering. When sound is made above the set frequency, an alarm is activated. Glass break detectors are highly recommended for homes with large windows, sliding doors, or doors that are decorated with stained glass.

Maximizing Usefulness

A glass break detector becomes more effective when used with motion sensors. Even if the intruder gets inside your home, one wrong move and the motion sensors will activate the alarm or call the police and alert you at once. Be aware, however, that motion detectors can cause false alarms if you have large dogs or cats roaming around.

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The key to having a safe and secure home is to make it too much trouble to break into in the first place. Even the most determined thief would think twice if he encounters an efficient security setup.


If you want a home that secures your family and property at all times, it may be time to invest in good glass break detectors and other accessories. Contact ADS Smart Security now at 469-240-2029 and we’ll take care of the installation.