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Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless gas produced by an incomplete combustion of fuels. Being exposed to this gas will result in carbon monoxide molecules displacing oxygen, which leads to carbon monoxide poisoning. You might think that your property is safe from the dangers of carbon monoxide. But in reality, there are a couple of appliances around your home that can give off this gas.

  • Gas stoves and ovens
  • Fireplaces (gas and wood burning)
  • Furnace or boilers
  • Wood stoves
  • Water heaters
  • Clothes dryers
  • Motor vehicles
  • Power tools and lawn equipment
  • Tobacco smoke

It is difficult to detect a gas like carbon monoxide with just your sense of smell. Thankfully, ADS Smart Security has the solution you need.

Keep Your Property Free from Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide detectors are designed to measure CO levels over time. When it detects a dangerous level of CO, it will sound off an alarm – alerting those who are in the vicinity. It may look like an ordinary smoke or fire alarm, but it only detects the presence of CO and nothing else.

The detector’s earlier designs were simple. At first, it was just a white pad that changed to brown in the presence of CO. However, this form needed to be changed because it only alerted people via a visual alarm. During the 1990s, audible alarms became the standard. Today, CO detectors have three types of sensors – each one having a different way of triggering the alarm.

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  1. Biometric Sensor: A gel changes color when it absorbs carbon monoxide. This color change triggers the alarm.
  1. Metal Oxide Semiconductor: When the silica chip detects carbon monoxide, it lowers its electrical resistance and triggers the alarm.
  1. Electrochemical Sensor: When the electrodes immersed in a chemical solution come in contact with carbon dioxide, a change in the electrical currents occurs. This contact triggers the alarm.

If you are interested in purchasing a carbon monoxide detector, contact ADS Smart Security at 469-240-2029. We also offer various home security systems to help protect your property from any disaster.