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Access Panels

Access Panels

One way to improve the function of your home is to have access panels installed. Access panels are used to seal off certain areas or utilities and give access only to those who are authorized. Access panels come in many sizes and are all built to stay durable. Depending on the situation, the panels become a protective shield for electrical wires.

The Security Applications of Access Panels

There are many ways to make use of access panels. With mobile homes, for example, access panels work as hidden openings in the ceiling or walls. As for bathroom renovations, access panels make it easier to install items that require wall access.

In the case of home security, access panels make installing security cameras much easier. If you need to install outside camera wiring or other home security systems, the panels keep the wirings safe.

Types of Access Panels

ADS Smart Security is sure to have the access panels you may need. The products we offer are made from high-quality materials and are meant to last. More so, we can have them installed in your walls, ceilings, or floors. Here are some of the types of access panels we have available:

  • Steel and aluminum (most common for commercial properties)
  • Plastic or vinyl (mostly used for residential spaces)
  • Fire rated
  • Non-fire rated
  • Security access panels

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